Basket Stitch

With simple, long, Straight stitches, Basket Stitches are created. With several variations, these stitches can be used for filling certain shapes/ areas. I’ll show three types of Basket stitches. The first two are done in two or three rounds. And the last one is done with straight stitches done both horizontally and vertically. Basket Stitch-1: […]

Trellis Work

Trellis work is similar to the Basket stitch-1. It is all about working on the grids. Trellis work is used to fill up big areas.  Just like the basket stitches, this one is also very easy to do. The main difference is, in Trellis work, while doing the vertical lines the thread can be pulled […]

Ray Stitch

Ray Stitch is basically doing some straight stitches in a particular pattern (mostly triangular shape). This is also known as fan stitch. The process: 1. I started the embroidery by taking out the needle at the end of the stalk and inserted it back to the point, where it joined with the leaf. 2. After […]

Kutch on White outfit| Kutch Work

Kutch on White dress: Here is my latest completed project. White Kutch on White dress…. I have used big squares in the middle. I did five big squares. In both the sides of the squares, I used single chains. In the hands, I used small squares and at the edge, I used upper portion of […]

Kutch Work | The basic Chain

  The Basic Chain: Creating a Kutch basic chain is a bit different than the structures. Because, in some cases in basic chains one of the basic rules is not followed. For example, here you’ll see one of the working thread is pulled over the other thread in the corner. But generally in cases of the structures, the […]

Standard Kutch Embroidery | Diamond Structure

In this post, I’ll show the process of embroidering the structure of the diamond shape of Kutch Work. I’ll use pictures to make the process easier to understand.The diamond shape is actually a combination of five basic structures. So the embroidery is similar to the basic structure. The only difference is in the basic structure, […]

Standard Kutch Work | Filling the Basic Structure

Basic Pattern of Kutch Embroidery:  So, now I’ll show you the Basic Pattern of Kutch embroidery. First of all a structure is made. While embroidering the structures, the threaded needle needs to be passed under the immediate previous stitch. In some cases, this process is not followed when embroidering the kutch chains. So, lets start the structure of […]

Kutch Work | Drawing Diagram

Based on the previous format, shown in my last post, we can draw squares, chains and other designs. Drawing Kutch Chains: Chain 1: The Chain 1 of Kutch Embroidery is really easy. As you can see the first chain is nothing but drawing the squares side by side.         2. Chain 2: The second chain […]

standard Kutch work | Kutch Embroidery | Gujarati sample and diagram

Till now I have been learning stitches. Straight stitch and running stitch families. I’ll embroider a dress now. I’m use Kutch work in it. It is basically an Indian embroidery. I learned this few years back. I just didn’t know this name. I knew this embroidery as Gujarati. It involves mainly straight stitches with threads weaving around […]

Algerian Eye Stitch

Algerian Eye stitch gives a star effect. The basic pattern is created with eight stitches. More stitches can be used but the increase of spokes will have to be from both sides of the center point. It is almost same as the Diamond eyelet stitch. The difference is- it is done in a square shape not […]