Twisted Chain Stitch

The “twisted” variety of Chain Stitch. Each of these stitches look like small knots.¬†It is started from the left of the previous stitch. The change in the starting point creates a twist in the leg of the stitches. Knowing the Chain Stitch is a must to learn the Twisted Chain Stitch. It looks beautiful in […]

Alternating Twisted Chain Stitch

Alternating Twisted Chain Stitch is another beautiful variation Chain Stitch. It’s basically a combination of several Twisted Chain Stitches. The difference between these two stitches is- every Twisted Chain Stitch starts from the same side. But Alternating Twisted¬†Chain Stitches start from alternative sides. Which means if one stitch is done from the left then the […]

Zigzag Cable Chain Stitch

Zigzag Cable Chain Stitch is a decorative chain stitch. It looks good if it is done in two parallel lines. It is basically a cable chain stitch done in a zigzag pattern. Basic chain stitch and cable stitch are needed for creating this stitch. The pattern of Zigzag chain stitch needs to be followed for […]