Rope Stitch

With a number of Twisted Chain Stitch, the Rope Stitch is created. As the space of the Twisted Chain Stitches are minimum, that is why this version of Chain Stitch gives a rich and embossed look to the surface of the fabric.

Barred Chain Stitch

Like Chain Stitch, Barred Chain Stitch follows curves and straight lines. It is a easy to do stitch and can be done on any fabric. Although it can be worked using any thread, I prefer the cotton ones.  The stitch’s look depends on the design and different spacing will create different appearance.

Alternating Barred Chain Stitch

Alternating Barred Chain Stitch is almost same as Barred Chain Stitch. The only difference is after each Chain Stitch, the direction of Twisted Chain stitches will change .