Raised Chain Band

Raised Chain Stitch/ Raised Chain Band is also done in two stages like the Butterfly Chain Stitches. One, doing the straight stitches and then creating knots/ loops over each straight stitch. It’s generally used in borders or in some fillings also. Although it does not look like a Chain stitch but the second loop, is […]

Oyster Stitch

Another isolated embroidery stitch from the chain stitch family. the oval shaped stitch certainly looks like an Oyster shell, hence the naming. This stitch is used to embroider petals. It’s one of my favorites! The Process: Start by doing a Twisted Chain Stitch. Run the threaded needle under the left leg and between the two […]

Detached Wheatear Stitch

Like Tulip Stitch, Detached Wheatear Stitch can be stitched separately without any specific pattern. It is one of the detached stitches of the Chain Stitch family. Although it looks similar to the bull’s head stitch, these stitches are different from each other. Sometimes, the difference is hard to identify from distance. The Process: Pull out […]

Tulip Stitch

Tulip stitch is a super easy and fun to do stitch. The stitch looks like a small cute tulip which is why the name is used. This is one the detached stitches in the chain stitch family. Although I’m saying it’s a detached stitch I certainly do not mean it cannot be worked together. It […]