Alternating Twisted Chain Stitch

Alternating Twisted Chain Stitch is another beautiful variation Chain Stitch. It’s basically a combination of several Twisted Chain Stitches. The difference between these two stitches is- every Twisted Chain Stitch starts from the same side. But Alternating Twisted Chain Stitches start from alternative sides. Which means if one stitch is done from the left then the next one will be done from the right.

The Process:

1. Pull out the threaded needle through the fabric.

2. Poke in through A and pull out the needle in B

3. Loop the thread around the needle.

4. Pull out the threaded needle completely.

5. To complete the process, start the next stitch from C and continue the embroidery altering sides.

The Picture Guide:

Alternating Twisted Chain StitchAlternating Twisted Chain Stitch












alternating twisted chain stitch

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