Basque Stitch or Twisted daisy border stitch

Basque stitch

Basque Stitch / Twisted daisy border stitch¬†is found in old embroideries of Northern Spain. This stitch is a variation of Chain Stitch. Basque is basically a province’s name. It is situated in the Northern side of Spain. Thus the name was coined I believe. This stitch is also found in some embroideries of Portugal and some parts of France. It follows the steps of lazy daisy.

The Process:

1. Pull out the threaded needle.
2. Poke in through a point close to the previous one.
3. Bring out through a parallel point. Do not pull the needle completely.
4. Follow the second picture to wrap the thread around the needle.
5. Pull the needle out completely and take it in through a close point.
4. Bring out the needle close to the parallel point through which it went in.
5. Take the needle towards left and continue the process.

Picture guide:

Twisted daisy border

Twisted daisy border stitch











Basque stitch

Basque stitch











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