Bull’s Head Stitch

Bull's Head Stitch

Bull’s Head Stitch is also known as Tete De La Boeuf stitch. As the name suggests it looks similar to the head of the bull. A row of these stitches can create a beautiful border. I have combined Bull’s head stitch and zigzag cable chain stitch to create a beautiful border design for one of my table cloths. But Tete De La Boeuf alone also looks pretty in any design.

Bull’s head stitch is a look alike of Detached Wheatear Stitch. The only difference is, the horns of the bull in the Bull’s Head Stitch is created using one horizontal small Straight stitch  in Detached Wheatear Stitch the horns are created using two diagonal Straight Stitches.

The Process: 

1. Pull out the threaded needle through A.

2. Partially enter thorough B and pull out through C keeping the thread behind the needle. This will make the thread look like the horns of the bull as the thread takes a shape of V.

3. Then do a lazy daisy stitch from C to D.

The Picture Guide: 

Bull's Head Stitch

Bull's Head Stitch












Bull's Head StitchBull's Head Stitch




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