Butterfly Chain Stitch

Butterfly Chain Stitch

Butterfly Chain Stitch is created by doing Twisted Chain Stitch on a bunch of Straight Stitches. The foundation is laid with Straight Stitches then three or more straight stitches are tied together with the Twisted Chain Stitches. The whole thing looks like small butterflies/ butterfly wings. This is a decorative stitch and can be used in borders or edges. I love to use this stitch in the border of baby frocks. This stitch can be done in any fabric but I think it looks best on cotton ones.

The process:

  1. Do some Straight Stitches in groups of three.
  2. Now, pull out the threaded needle at A.
  3. Do a Twisted Chain Stitch over the first group of straight stitches.
  4. After this, without inserting the needle in the fabric or plucking it, continue doing Twisted Chain Stitches, over the groups of Straight Stitches.

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