Hardanger Embroidery Stitches

Learning common Hardanger Embroidery Stitches! Some of the Hardanger Embroidery Stitches include Running Stitch, Four Sided Stitch, Hem Stitch, Buttonhole Stitch, Squared Edging Stitch, Eyelet Hole Stitch, Star Stitch. Running Stitch: It’s the same as general running stitches. A combination of some small sized straight stitches. Four Sided Stitch: This is a simple square created […]

Hardanger Embroidery- the basics

The basics of staring  Hardanger embroidery includes doing Kloster blocks and cutting & withdrawing the threads. Let’s start! Kloster blocks This is the most common feature of Hardanger embroidery. Kloster blocks are created by parallel Satin Stitches worked in a rectangular manner. All the stitches should be of same length, so the blocks look of same […]

Hardanger- the requirements

Hardanger is not a freestyle embroidery. To do this Embroidery, some specifics need to be followed. The design is generally done from charts, so counting the threads accurately is a very important requirement. It incorporates some basic stitches, like Eyelet Hole stitch and Star stitch. I’ll discuss these in my next post. I’ve learned this […]

Hardanger Embroidery

Hardanger embroidery is a form of White Work. It is stitched in even-weave fabric, similar to Aida cloth. It’s assumed that Hardanger embroidery has originated in Persia and some parts of Asia. The name is taken from the eponymous fjord in Norway. Now, this embroidery is seen as Scandinavian in it’s general style. Generally, Hardanger […]

Kutch on White outfit| Kutch Work

Kutch on White dress: Here is my latest completed project. White Kutch on White dress…. I have used big squares in the middle. I did five big squares. In both the sides of the squares, I used single chains. In the hands, I used small squares and at the edge, I used upper portion of […]

Kutch Work | The basic Chain

  The Basic Chain: Creating a Kutch basic chain is a bit different than the structures. Because, in some cases in basic chains one of the basic rules is not followed. For example, here you’ll see one of the working thread is pulled over the other thread in the corner. But generally in cases of the structures, the […]

Standard Kutch Embroidery | Diamond Structure

In this post, I’ll show the process of embroidering the structure of the diamond shape of Kutch Work. I’ll use pictures to make the process easier to understand.The diamond shape is actually a combination of five basic structures. So the embroidery is similar to the basic structure. The only difference is in the basic structure, […]

Standard Kutch Work | Filling the Basic Structure

Basic Pattern of Kutch Embroidery:  So, now I’ll show you the Basic Pattern of Kutch embroidery. First of all a structure is made. While embroidering the structures, the threaded needle needs to be passed under the immediate previous stitch. In some cases, this process is not followed when embroidering the kutch chains. So, lets start the structure of […]

Kutch Work | Drawing Diagram

Based on the previous format, shown in my last post, we can draw squares, chains and other designs. Drawing Kutch Chains: Chain 1: The Chain 1 of Kutch Embroidery is really easy. As you can see the first chain is nothing but drawing the squares side by side.         2. Chain 2: The second chain […]

standard Kutch work | Kutch Embroidery | Gujarati sample and diagram

Till now I have been learning stitches. Straight stitch and running stitch families. I’ll embroider a dress now. I’m use Kutch work in it. It is basically an Indian embroidery. I learned this few years back. I just didn’t know this name. I knew this embroidery as Gujarati. It involves mainly straight stitches with threads weaving around […]