Oyster Stitch

Another isolated embroidery stitch from the chain stitch family. the oval shaped stitch certainly looks like an Oyster shell, hence the naming. This stitch is used to embroider petals. It’s one of my favorites! The Process: Start by doing a Twisted Chain Stitch. Run the threaded needle under the left leg and between the two […]

Detached Wheatear Stitch

Like Tulip Stitch, Detached Wheatear Stitch can be stitched separately without any specific pattern. It is one of the detached stitches of the Chain Stitch family. Although it looks similar to the bull’s head stitch, these stitches are different from each other. Sometimes, the difference is hard to identify from distance. The Process: Pull out […]

Tulip Stitch

Tulip stitch is a super easy and fun to do stitch. The stitch looks like a small cute tulip which is why the name is used. This is one the detached stitches in the chain stitch family. Although I’m saying it’s a detached stitch I certainly do not mean it cannot be worked together. It […]

Rope Stitch

With a number of Twisted Chain Stitch, the Rope Stitch is created. As the space of the Twisted Chain Stitches are minimum, that is why this version of Chain Stitch gives a rich and embossed look to the surface of the fabric.

Barred Chain Stitch

Like Chain Stitch, Barred Chain Stitch follows curves and straight lines. It is a easy to do stitch and can be done on any fabric. Although it can be worked using any thread, I prefer the cotton ones.  The stitch’s look depends on the design and different spacing will create different appearance.

Alternating Barred Chain Stitch

Alternating Barred Chain Stitch is almost same as Barred Chain Stitch. The only difference is after each Chain Stitch, the direction of Twisted Chain stitches will change .

Whipped Chain Stitch

  Just like the Whipped version of Running Stitch, Back Stitch and Stem Stitch, Whipped Chain Stitch is a variation of Chain Stitch. It is done over basic line of Chain Stitch. A same colored thread or different colored thread is walked along each chain stitch of the line             […]

Rosette Chain Stitch

To work on Rosette Chain Stitch, we need to know Twisted Chain Stitch. It has similarities with Oyster Stitch. This variation of Chain Stitch is generally done in straight or curved lines. The challenge I felt while doing this stitch was, if you draw the thread too much the small twisted chain stitches will loose […]

Open Chain Stitch

Open Chain Stitch is done in two lines. If space is left between the two lines, it gives a ladder like look. But, it can also be done without leaving any space in between. This will give this variation of chain stitch more congested look. Decorative stitches or decorative items like beads can be added within […]

Crested Chain Stitch

A beautiful stitch with the liberty of making changes to the height of the stitch. Yes, Crested Chain Stitch it is! Best used as  borders, this stich combines Chain Stitches and little knots on top of them. The distance between the chain stitches and knots can be changed to bring variation to the texture and look […]