Braided chain stitch

Braided Chain Stitch or Hungarian braided chain stitch is almost same as Heavy Chain Stitch. The main difference between the two stitches is in passing the working thread under/over the existing loops. In braided chain stitch, the thread is passed over the outer loop and under the inner loop but in heavy chain stitch, the thread is […]

Reverse Chain Stitch

Reverse chain Stitch looks almost same as chain stitch. The difference is in the way of doing the stitches. The regular chain stitch is done from bottom to top but the reverse chain stitch is done from top to bottom. That’s why this stitch is named as “reverse chain stitch”. The process: 1. Bring out the […]

Basque Stitch or Twisted daisy border stitch

Basque Stitch / Twisted daisy border stitch is found in old embroideries of Northern Spain. This stitch is a variation of Chain Stitch. Basque is basically a province’s name. It is situated in the Northern side of Spain. Thus the name was coined I believe. This stitch is also found in some embroideries of Portugal and […]

Magic Chain Stitch

Magic Chain Stitch is a wonderful stitch. It uses more than one color to the chain stitch. It is a kind of a complicated one. As 2/ 3 colored threads are used, the threads can get entangled  while embroidering this Magic Chain Stitch. So have to be careful to not to use entwined threads. Take time and understand […]

Lazy Daisy Stitch

Lazy Daisy Stitch is very useful for embroidering flower petals and stems. It can be embroidered from any direction. It is worked just like the chain stitch. But unlike chain stitch, it stands alone. That’s why, Lazy Daisy stitch is also called detached chain stitch. This stitch can also be used as a filling stitch.

Long tailed daisy stitch

It’s just a different version of Lazy daisy stitch. The main difference between lazy daisy and the long tailed daisy is, the later one has a longer tail. This long tail makes the stitch look uncommon. It can be worked from any direction. These can be used as single stitches or in groups. This stitch can […]

Feathered Chain Stitch

Feathered Chain Stitch or chained feather stitch. This stitch has the feather stitch look with long tailed daisies. The amazingly light but beautiful look helps it to be a perfect stitch for any border.

Double Chain Stitch

This stitch is same as chain stitch. The only difference is, it’s done in two parallel lines. Visually, it looks like Herringbone Ladder filling Stitch or to some extent Open Feather Stitch. Double Chain Stitch is worked from bottom to top.

Chain Stitch

Chain Stitch: The stitch with thick and beautiful texture. Chain stitch was used in ancient craft. The Chinese chain stitch works in silk thread dates back to 5th-3rd century BC. This is used in surface embroidery. Just like Portuguese Stem Stitch, it helps embroidering perfect curved lines. Chain stitch it creates loops and uses good […]

Straight Stitch

Straight Stitch: Straight Stitch is the most basic stitch. All forms of stitch starts from this straight stitches. This stitch is created without any twisting, turning, looping or knotting the working thread. The process:  1. Pull out the threaded needle through the fabric. 2. Poke in the needle through a point forward to the previous […]