Crested Chain Stitch

Crested chain stitch

A beautiful stitch with the liberty of making changes to the height of the stitch. Yes, Crested Chain Stitch it is! Best used as  borders, this stich combines Chain Stitches and little knots on top of them. The distance between the chain stitches and knots can be changed to bring variation to the texture and look of this stitch.

The process

1. Pull out the threaded needle through A and create a chain stitch at A-B.

2. Now, take the needle up and create a knot at C-D. Without pulling fully, take the needle in and out through the fabric and loop the thread around it (take the thread from front to back).

3. Pull out the threaded needle and pass it under the bridge created from the chain stitch and the knot.

4. After this, take the needle down and create another chain stitch at points B-E.

5. Repeat the steps from 2 to 4 to complete the embroidery.

The Picture Guide

Crested chain stitchCrested chain stitch












Crested chain stitchCrested chain stitch












Crested chain stitch


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