Knotted Chain Stitch

knotted chain stitch

Knotted Chain Stitch is one of my favorites. It is one of the beautiful varieties of Chain Stitch. Although it might seem to be difficult to do but once you learn, it’s very easy. As every chain stitch is completed with a knot in the end, this is the reason why it’s called knotted chain stitch. Generally it’s stitched from left to right. This stitch can be used to embroider stems or roots of plants. Lets start learning it.

The process:

  1. Pull out the threaded needle through A.
  2. Insert the needle in B and take it out through C.
  3. Now, pass the threaded needle under the A-B stitch to create a loop. Keep the loop loose, don’t make it too tight.
  4. Pass the threaded needle through the new loop and pull the thread.

Image guide:

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