Long and Short Stitch

Long and Short Stitch

Long and Short Stitches consist of straight stitches of longer and shorter length. Starting from a certain point the straight stitches are done. For shaded looks these stitches are done.

The Process: 

1. Pull out the threaded needle through middle point on the outer line of the diagram.

2. Do a long straight stitch inside the drawn shape and pull the needle out through the next point on the edge.

3. Do a short straight stitch which is supposed to be just beside the longer one.

4. Complete the first row.

5. At the time of doing the second or third row, try to do some stitches close to the starting points of previous row’s stitches.

6. Follow the whole process to fill up the shape or diagram.


The Picture Guide:

long and short stitch

Long and short stitch

long and short stitch

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