Long tailed daisy stitch

Long tailed daisy

It’s just a different version of Lazy daisy stitch. The main difference between lazy daisy and the long tailed daisy is, the later one has a longer tail. This long tail makes the stitch look uncommon. It can be worked from any direction. These can be used as single stitches or in groups. This stitch can be used as filling, flower petals, leaves.

The process: 

1. Pull out the threaded needle through the fabric.

2. Poke in through the same point, from where the needle was pulled up.

3. Take out the needle forward to the previous point.

4. Place the thread over the needle and pull it, making a loop.

5. Use a long straight stitch to complete the process.

The picture guide:  

Long tailed daisy Long tailed daisy







Long tailed daisy

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