Raised Chain Band

Raised Chain Band

Raised Chain Stitch/ Raised Chain Band is also done in two stages like the Butterfly Chain Stitches. One, doing the straight stitches and then creating knots/ loops over each straight stitch. It’s generally used in borders or in some fillings also. Although it does not look like a Chain stitch but the second loop, is done like one.

The Process:

  1. To embroider Raised Chain Band start by doing a series of parallel straight stitches.
  2. Now, pull out a Pink threaded needle from A.
  3. Wrap the first straight stitch (B-C) with the pink thread without plucking the fabric. Please see the second image for clear understanding.
  4. At this point, keeping the just created small loop on the right, take the needle under the B-C stitch from A’s direction and create a Chain loop. Please see the third image for better understanding as the explanation is not enough to make the process understandable.

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