Sinhalese Stitch

Sinhalese Stitch

The Sinhalese Stitch has similarity with Open Chain Stitch. Both of these are from Chain Stitch family. To me, it looks like Open Chain Stitch intertwined with a different colored thread. However, it is quite different from the Open Chain Stitch. Generally, two colored threads are used to do this stitch. Let’s start the process.

The process:

  1. To do the Sinhalese Stitch, do two long straight stitches parallelly.
  2. After that, pull out the needle with a different colored thread through A and insert it through B
  3. Take out the threaded needle through C, which lies just above the point B. C lies between the long straight stitches, not outside of them.
  4. Run the thread from right to left under the long straight stitches.
  5. Then insert the needle in D, which is parallel to C and lies between the straight stitches.
  6. After this, take the needle out through E, positioned on the upper side of C. Continue the process to complete the Sinhalese Stitch. I know it sounds a bit complicated. That is why, please refer to the images for understanding better.

The image guide:

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