Split Stitch

Split Stitch

Split stitch is a decorative stitch. It is used to replace Back Stitch for a different raised look. You can use this stitch anywhere you want a little bit of texture. This stitch was very much popular in England during the medieval ages.

The Process: 

1. Bring out the threaded needle through the fabric.

2. Take it backwards and put it in through another point close to the first one.

3. Unlike Stem Stitch, Outline Stitch and Cable Stitch; hold the working thread aligned to the point where the needle was poked in and bring it out, splitting the working thread through a middle point of the new stitch.

4. Pull the thread backwards again and poke in through another point close to the previous one.

5. Poke in the needle and bring it out through a middle point of the new stitch. Make sure to split the thread while bringing out the needle.

6. Continue the steps of 2 to 5.

The Picture Guide

Split StitchSplit Stitch







Split Stitch

Split Stitch
Split Stitch










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