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Kutch Work

In this post, I’ll show the process of embroidering the structure of the diamond shape of Kutch Work. I’ll use pictures to make the process easier to understand.The diamond shape is actually a combination of five basic structures. So the embroidery is similar to the basic structure. The only difference is in the basic structure, the squares are entwined and here, the basic structures are entwined.

The Picture Guide:

Kutch WorkKutch Work









Start from any outer structure. Follow the drawn lines.Remember, only one Square of the first structure is completed. After that, the thread is turned to the next structure in left. The second structure is completed. After this, the thread is run to the  next structure in the left.

Kutch WorkKutch Work










After the completion of the third structure, the thread returns  to the first structure through the middle structure.

Diamond Filling: 

Filling the diamond is same as the basic structure of Kutch Embroidery. The filling up will start at the same point where the structure was completed and then it will follow its way into the detailed filling. I won’t be explaining the step by step procedure here. Because its the same as the basic structure. Have to just follow the thread’s direction. Once you know how to do the basic, you’ll know the diamond or even bigger ones too.
Kutch Work Kutch Work 








The thread will enter in the square of one of the five basic structures. And without completing the structure, it will go to the next square of that particular basic structure.  The thread will have to be run through the middle square. After completing filling up the second square, the working thread has to be taken to the third square in the left through the middle square. Then again, without completing the third square, the thread will have to be taken to the second basic structure in the left of the first one. It will be taken through the middle square of the middle structure. Please note that, the middle structure is entwined with the other four structures.

Kutch WorkKutch Work









After completing the second structure, the thread has to be taken to the third structure. Again the middle square will be used. Remember, the process is all the same as the basic structure. The basic rule won’t be changed here. That means the threads which are running over the other threads should be put down, the threads which are under other threads, have to be put over the running thread.

Kutch WorkKutch Work









Complete the third structure. Then take the thread to the first unfinished structure.  After finishing the last square of the first structure, try to insert the needle as close as possible to the main structure.



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